4th of July Food Favorites - Recipes

June 30, 2014

Make your camping trip festive with 4th of July foods!  Known for our presidential history, South Dakota knows all about celebrating patriot style and we’ve come up with our two favorite camping recipes in celebration of this national holiday.

Firecracker Cookies

This 4th of July food favorite is a kid approved combo of fun and yumminess!  Firecracker Cookies are simple to make – at home or while camping.  For the sake of 4th of July camping, the instructions for this recipe are camping specific.

Ingredients Tools
1 roll of sugar cookie dough tin foil pan or skillet
1 container of white frosting large spoon and knife
1 package of pop rocks – strawberry or cherry 4 empty cans of the same size
1 package of pop rocks – blue razz or tropical punch grill grate

First, let the sugar cookie dough warm up so it’s at a spreadable consistency. Use your large spoon to smooth the dough out into your tin foil pan or skillet until it’s evenly spread. 

Next, you want to make sure your campfire is reduced to smoldering coals or wood, not a full-on, raging fire.  Place the four cans in a square shape that will support your grill grate, creating an oven-like stand.  Place your cookie pan or skillet on the campfire rack and allow the cookie dough to cook for 20 – 30 minutes or until it reaches the desired consistency.

After you remove your cookie pan from the fire, allow the cookie to cool.  Once the cookie is completely cooled, frost it and add your pop rocks.  Have fun with this part! When your cookie is decorated to perfection, enjoy the fruits of your labor and get ready for fireworks in your mouth!

The fun nature and patriotic colors of this campfire snack make it the perfect 4th of July food.

Sizzlers on a Stick

Keeping on the theme of fireworks, this take on a beloved American classic is sure to inspire a good time.

Ingredients Tools
1 package of hotdogs Campfire skewers - 1 per camper
1 can of biscuits or croissant rolls knife
cheese of your choosing, we like Colby Jack cutting board

The best part of this recipe is each camper gets to cook their own Sizzler on a Stick and eat their Sizzler directly off of their skewer.  This also means you’ll want to make sure everyone has a stick and all sticks are clean. 

First, load your stick with a hotdog so the stick punctures the hotdog vertically and you have about an inch of stick protruding from the end of the hotdog.  Kids may need help with this part to prevent accidents or injury. 

Once your hotdog is loaded, take a biscuit or croissant roll triangle.  If you use biscuits, you’ll need to flatten it in your hands and cut or rip the dough in half.  Wrap your dough around the hotdog in a spiral shape – your hotdog should know look more like the body of a firecracker.

Next, hold your Sizzler over the fire (careful not to catch it on fire) until the biscuit or croissant roll is golden brown and the hotdog is warm. 

Once your Sizzler is cooked, cut your cheese into triangle shapes. Add a wedge to the top of each Sizzler and TA-DA!  Make your Sizzler on a Stick more festive and tasty with ketchup.

Palmer Gulch KOA wishes you and your family a fun and safe Independence Day and we hope you enjoy these patriotic 4th of July foods! 

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