Black Hills Winter Vacation

August 16, 2012

When snow begins to fly in the Black Hills the fun is just getting started. There are endless winter activities including Black Hills snowmobile adventures and skiing.

Many of the seasonal attractions that depend on warm weather will shut down during the winter. Some of the more popular sites include Reptile Gardens, 1880 Train and the President’s Alpine Slide.

These Black Hills tourist destinations, among several others, are staple destinations when the weather permits. They require warmer weather because snow and extreme cold makes their daily operation impossible.

While several businesses shut down, the rest of the hills benefits from snow and cold weather. The Black Hills is a tourist hub for snowmobilers, skiers, snowboarders and hikers. If you can stand the cold you are sure to find something to tickle your fancy.

When the day winds down and you need a warm place to stay, Palmer Gulch has a warm cabin waiting for you.

Palmer Gulch is a unique lodging resort nestled comfortably off Highway 244 – on the road to Mount Rushmore.

During the winter off-season the lodge is closed, but there are plenty of executive cabins that provide a more “rugged” backwoods cabin experience. They are still cozy enough to call home but secluded enough to get the full outdoor experience.

Each cabin has its own fireplace, kitchen, bathroom facilities and room layout. They range in maximum occupancy and price depending on how large your party is and what sort of accommodations you require.

Palmer Gulch is ideal for winter travelers because they have ample amount of space to park your trailers, sleds and trucks. Any equipment you need to secure can be done so within their spacious grounds. This luxury comes at no cost to the guest and they can rest assured that their possessions are protected.

When you’re visiting the Black Hills this winter, plan your stay with Palmer Gulch.

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