Cross the Country with an RV Road Trip!

January 23, 2013

Whether it’s penned in a journal, fastened to the fridge with a magnet, or logged safely away in your memory bank, chances are good that you’ve devised for yourself a list of things you’d like to see and do while here on earth.  Do you want to travel abroad and experience unfamiliar cultures? Or maybe you’d like witness the broad and diverse countryside of your own home nation, here in the United States… for there’s no country as culturally colorful and diverse as this one!

A cross-country road trip is a dream shared by many. Each and every summer, the hospitality team at Palmer Gulch Resort in the Black Hills of western South Dakota has the privilege of meeting a sundry round of travelers making that dream happen! If an RV cross-country road trip graces the bulleted items on your bucket list, maybe the summer of 2013 is the summer for accomplishing this dream.

cross country road trip

RV Trip Planner

In the spirit of “list making,” here’s our RV trip planner list to help guide you towards realizing the trip of your wildest imaginings:

☐     Set Dates. When you pick the dates of your RV cross-country road trip, scribble them on your calendar, and request the appropriate time off from work, you’re making a personal commitment to the adventure at-hand. Good for you! You’ve taken a huge step towards making your travel goals happen.

☐     Figure your Finances. Do you need to rent or buy an RV? How much gas will it take to get you from home base to your final destination, and back again? What’s your “per diem” for food, drink, entertainment, necessities, etc.? Stayed tuned for more information from Palmer Gulch on how to financially plan for your summer vacation…

☐     Explore RV Trip Routes. There is so much to see and do in this great stretch of city, prairie, and wilderness between the Atlantic and the Pacific. Chosen RV tip routes are derived from the checklist items that precede this one. Where you can go and what you can see are determined by how much time and money you can dedicate to your adventure. However, since we’re dreaming big here at Palmer Gulch, we’d like to suggest the following RV trip route as your ideal cross-country road trip:

rv trip routes

The proposed RV trip planner route is a long one. It covers 48 of 50 states and would most likely require 3 ½ to 4 months to complete. However, it’s the most comprehensive of cross-country RV trip routes out there that encompass as many cultural and sightseeing experiences as one could possibly want… and it includes the beautiful Black Hills area of western South Dakota that simply cannot be missed!

☐     Get Yourself Some Wheels! Choosing an RV to take you across the country is like choosing a summer home. Make sure it’s comfortable and spacious enough to accommodate all of your travelers. RVs can either be rented or purchased, new or used. Prepare yourself for the “RV hunt” by making a list of must-haves before hitting lots and test-driving vehicles. Necessary amenities include a bathroom, kitchen, sitting room, and plenty of sleeping and storage space.

rv trip planner

☐     Stock your RV. While you’re out sniffing for the perfect mobile summer home, start making an RV trip planner master list of all of the necessities you’ll need to pack on board to get you through the voyage. This includes clothing, toiletries, onboard food and drink, activities for long driving stretches, etc.

☐     Go! All too often, we find ourselves bogged down by the everyday grind, wishing that we were in a position to just get up and go! Kiss reality goodbye for the time being and spend some time taking in life from a different perspective—from the road!

If you decide to strike out and tour the country, make sure the beautiful and deeply historical Black Hills of western South Dakota are on your list. When you arrive, we hope you’ll come visit us at Palmer Gulch Resort and tell us about all you’ve seen while on the road. With almost 500 camp and RV sites, the Palmer Gulch family campground is the complete outdoor experience with picturesque granite mountain views and Ponderosa pine panoramas. Find out more about our RV accommodations.

Bucket list items only get checked off by those who are determined to make them happen. Will the time ever be completely “right?” Probably not. Go anyway.

cross country road trip

About the Palmer Gulch Resort

The Black Hills provide ample opportunities for wintertime adventure, and the executive lodges, open all year round, at the Palmer Gulch Resort are here to serve as your snowy home away from home. To learn more about Palmer Gulch Resort, or to make a reservation, visit our website at or call 1-800-562-8503. Information packets are available for group gatherings, as well as GPS directions and maps of the area.

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