Explore the Outdoors at Palmer Gulch Resort in Hill City, SD

August 16, 2012

Watching television for hours, sitting on the computer until bedtime, playing video games until dawn and then eating on the couch while watching the television – the cycle of screen time can continue for days.

But what else do these activities have in common? Besides allowing children to intently focus on an excessive amount of media, all of these activities take place inside. Children are spending more time than ever before in front of a screen indoors, instead of discovering new things in the thought-provoking world outside. Parents can break this cycle by taking their children to Palmer Gulch Resort this summer -- a prime family vacation destination that has everything a family could desire in one convenient location.

During the summer months there are various outdoor activities to enroll children in, such as baseball, softball, swimming, or summer camp. However, taking a family vacation can provide the best opportunity for parents to encourage outdoor activity participation.

A recent survey from the Outdoor Foundation suggests that parents are important motivators for children to go outside and participate in outdoor activities. According to the survey, “Young adults also seek outdoor activities as a way of managing stress, while youth and adolescents go outside because their relatives participate in outdoor activities.” To view the full Outdoor Recreation Participation Report, visit

Children staying at the KOA campground and lodge can jump out their energy on a huge, inflatable jumping pillow, test their patience at the fishing pond, or search for hidden treasures on a scavenger hunt. Families can travel the many biking and hiking trails, relax in the heated swimming pools, hot tubs, and sauna, or make new friends with the horses on a family trail ride. With onsite places to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, an assortment of family inspired activities, and an extremely close location to all Black Hills attractions, Palmer Gulch Resort is the ideal family vacation destination in South Dakota.

Spending quality time together in an outdoor environment will show children that the outside world is a unique adventure that cannot be found inside watching a movie. Plan a family vacation today at Palmer Gulch Resort to support children spending time outside.

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