Fall Photography Tips for Camping in the Black Hills

October 17, 2013

It is October and fall is here with full force! Beautiful color explosions are occurring in this area right now, so bring your camera along when you come visit the Black Hills. Here are some useful fall photography tips that will help you capture the essence and beauty of this colorful season:

Filter. No, we are not just talking about Instagram filters. Using a polarizing filter on your camera will help you enhance and contrast the colors of the leaves and sky. It also tends to minimize haze, which often occurs at this time of year.

Time of Day. Fall colors will pop more just after sunrise and before sunset when the light has a golden tone. The warm light will accentuate nature’s natural color scheme and will provide the best conditions for fall photography.

Color Contrast. Make use of natural the natural color contrast that occurs in nature. Red leaves by a lake or golden leaves on green grass will look great!

Avoid Shadows. If you shoot on very sunny days, keep the sun at your back. Otherwise shadows, low color contrast, and low saturation will interfere and compromise your pictures.

Steady. Using tripods when shooting in nature can be very beneficial. If you don’t feel like dragging one along on your camping trip you can improvise and build one out of soda bottles and duct-tape.

Underexpose. Most cameras will let you underexpose your pictures. Underexposing will deepen the saturation, and by using computer software afterwards you can increase the contrast and warm things up by playing around with its settings.

Motif. Include your friends, family, and friends in some of your shots. Fall makes for excellent spontaneous and dynamic photo shoots! Capture your children or pets when they are playing in piles of leaves, wildlife, flowers, lakes, visit a farmers market or a pumpkin patch with your kids – the options for fall photography are endless! Palmer Gulch is located in a beautiful area in the Black Hills of South Dakota, and is perfect for family fun and fall photography.

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