Family Reunion Planning Made Simple

March 16, 2011

Black Hills family-friendly resort offers tips to ease stress of reunion planning

By Robert Sharp & Associates

There is probably no better way to reconnect with seldom-seen relatives than a family reunion. It’s an opportunity to celebrate your heritage, catch up with long lost family members and meet new ones, and a chance to create memories.

Holding a reunion can be very rewarding but it will require significant planning and collaboration. There are key things to consider including size of the reunion, when and where it should be held and the budget.

Josh Daiss, General Manager of Palmer Gulch, a popular reunion site in the Black Hills, suggests these 10 steps to get you started.

  1. Decide on the size of the reunion. This is usually determined by what side of the family you invite.

2.    Poll your family.  Once you’ve determined who you want to invite ask if there is interest in a reunion. How far would they travel to participate, when would be the best time for them to participate and how much they are willing to help with the planning?
3.    Form a committee. If your reunion will be over 25 people enlist volunteers; you will need the help.
4.    Set a date.  You’ve already polled your family members so you should have an idea of what works best for the majority.  Choose a date that will allow for maximum attendance.
5.    Decide on a location.  You will want to choose a location that is affordable and centrally located to the families who will be attending.
6.    Develop a budget. Having a budget will help determine a variety of elements including menu, accommodations, activities, decorations etc.
7.    Choose a reunion site. It is important to select a site that appeals to families and has plenty of activities for the kids. An ideal site will provide lodging and variety of entertainment that meets the needs of all family types and will allow for social activities.
8.    Have a photographer or videographer on site to take pictures. Give them a list of people and events you want to capture. 
9.    Use a social networking site to communicate easily and effectively with your committee and other family members about the details of the reunion throughout the planning process.
10.    Have fun! Enjoy the planning process and the time spent creating memories with family.
“We have a great deal of experience with family reunions,” Diass said. “We’ve had such great success with them that they are generally booked two years in advance.  Because we are centrally located to several attractions in the Black Hills like Mt. Rushmore and have a whole host of activities on site including miniature golf, horseback riding, swimming and Splash Park, and a variety of lodging options we are able to accommodate the varying needs of different families.”

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