Mountain Biking in the Black Hills

March 21, 2013

Perhaps one of the most compelling features of western South Dakota is the territory’s ability to carve new attractions straight out of the rock…and we’re not talking about Mount Rushmore here!

As the Black Hills have continued flourishing as a nationwide point-of-interest, new activities materialize to enhance all that makes this area a popular residential and vacation destination. In addition to a handful of other South Dakota actions sports, such as rock climbing and downhill skiing, local cyclists have worked hard to make this area a popular mountain biking destination. As a result, mountain biking in the Black Hills has flourished.

The Black Hills Mountain Bike Association (BHMBA) was locally formed with the sole purpose of uniting regional mountain bikers under a common purpose: the sheer love of mountain biking in the Black Hills terrain. The association keeps itself busy promoting a community love for the sport, advocating the Black Hills as a mountain biking destination, and enhancing and introducing trails in the existing network. Today, BHMBA monitors trail conditions and makes riding opportunities public knowledge.

Popular trailheads for mountain biking in the Black Hills include the Storm Mountain Trail Network, the Tinton Trail in Spearfish, Deerfield Trail #40, the Centennial Network that connects 100+ miles of dirt track to ride, and much more. In recent years, major efforts have been made to improve networks in and around Rapid City, SD, making this western South Dakota hub an ideal place for mountain bikers to live, work, and play. Full descriptions of all South Dakota action sports trails—including maps, elevations, and level of difficulty—can be found at the Paha Sapa Trails and BHMBA websites.

The draw of mountain biking is one-part cardio/muscular and one-part sheer adrenaline rush. Climbing the mountain atop your bike is a strenuous exercise to be reckoned with—but the reward comes when you reach the top and begin the thrilling joyride down. What makes western South Dakota an ideal location for enjoying this downhill sport? Mountain biking in the Black Hills is perfected by temperate weather, beautiful trails cutting through natural forests, and scenic views from the summit of the ride.

Along with the mountain biking community, a variety of specialty athletic stores have popped up regionally to support western South Dakota action sports. Locally-owned biking stores, as well as a major sporting goods chain, can be found scattered throughout the Black Hills area to cater to local mountain bikers. Bikes and equipment can be purchased and rented from a variety of locations.

Mountain bikers from across the U.S. come to the Black Hills to experience the thrill of the sport in one of the country’s oldest mountain ranges. For those who arrive to experience mountain biking in the Black Hills, we invite you to consider the Palmer Gulch Resort as a centrally-located, outdoor getaway to accommodate your trip!

About the Palmer Gulch Resort

The Black Hills provide ample opportunities for western South Dakota actions sports, sightseeing excursions, and outdoor adventures. All year long, the Palmer Gulch Resort is here to serve as your home away from home. To learn more about Palmer Gulch Resort, or to make a reservation, visit our website at or call 1-800-562-8503. Information packets are available for group gatherings, as well as GPS directions and maps of the area.

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