Rustic Outdoor Weddings in the Beautiful Black Hills

November 27, 2012


An Unparalleled Natural Backdrop.

For some, the tradition of a church wedding is a given. For others, reciting vows beneath a blue sky is a wedding day ideal. Even more opt for a healthy balance between the two—vows in the church and celebration against a natural, outdoor scene.

As of late, the idea of Black Hills weddings seem to be attracting more and more engaged couples looking for the perfect location to celebrate their nuptials. A wedding on the beach in a tropical location is nice in theory, but not always practical for guests—the people who mean the most to the couple and want to be there for such a monumental occasion. Western South Dakota is both beautiful and practical for couples with families scattered throughout the region. We invite you to consider Palmer Gulch Resort in the heart of the Black Hills area as you begin the process of planning the best destination wedding for all; first and foremost, the bride and groom.

Imagine a Black Hills wedding set against a gorgeous display of ponderosa pine, the rolling peaks of an ancient mountain range, and the variety of colors splashed here and there by natural Black Hills flora. The setting at Palmer Gulch takes all of these elements, combines them into one, and adds an atmosphere that’s lighthearted, lively, and fun. Call 800.562.8503 to tour the property and discuss how to transform our location into the wedding day you’ve always dreamed of.

A Rustic Theme.

Rustic outdoor weddings continue to grow in popularity, finding a balance between rustic and chic. To begin building your wedding around this foundation, the bride-to-be should get into a mindset of artistic simplicity. Think mason jars wrapped with rusted barbed wire and set with floating candles. Think simple white linens and wildflowers in warm, inviting colors. Go western with hay bale seating and bridesmaid dresses paired with cowgirl boots, or fall into a more vintage category with wooden crates and vintage vases. The possibilities of rustic outdoor weddings are endless, and the internet is teeming with ideas that are country and stylish, at the same time.

Again, a rustic/chic setting calls for the cooperation of the great outdoors. Open-air Black Hills weddings, although risky, uses the natural elements of earthy surroundings to complete a scene that’s simple, natural, and effortless. If that tricky South Dakota weather won’t oblige, we also offer indoor spaces as back-up plans for entertaining your guests. Uptight, stuffy weddings are a thing of the past. Today, brides look for serenity and peace-of-mind to accompany their wedding day joy.

Lodging for All.

Palmer Gulch Resort offers lodging to accommodate parties of all sizes, from the small wedding get-together to the giant celebratory bash. The bride and groom can choose to stay in the Presidential Suite in the main lodge, or pick one of our cozy mountain cabins. Family, wedding parties, and guests can choose between executive lodges to accommodate a whole group, or mountain cabins, guests rooms, or RV and tent camping sites. No matter where your wedding guests choose to rest their head at the end of the day, there’s a wide array of amenities to accommodate all.

In addition to comfortable lodging, out-of-town guests will find an entire wedding weekend of fun and activities to entertain themselves with before and after the ceremony and reception. Evening movies, two swimming pools, hiking trails, and nightly bonfires are just a small example of all that can fill your day and night when you plan a wedding event stay at Palmer Gulch—not to mention, there’s an entire Black Hills forest surrounding Palmer Gulch, there to supply fun and adventure for the best destination wedding weekend you can imagine.

A Wedding That’s Uniquely YOU.

The event coordinator at Palmer Gulch Resort will work with you to create a Black Hills wedding that is uniquely personalized and infinitely memorable. As a Black Hills venue in an increasingly popular locale for the best destination weddings, Palmer Gulch has the natural beauty, the extensive lodging, and the finest amenities for hosting your special day.

About the Palmer Gulch Resort

The Black Hills provide ample opportunities for wintertime adventure, and the executive lodges, open all year round, at the Palmer Gulch Resort are here to serve as your snowy home away from home. To learn more about Palmer Gulch Resort, or to make a reservation, visit our website at or call 1-800-562-8503. Information packets are available for group gatherings, as well as GPS directions and maps of the area.

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