Staycation in the Black Hills

May 15, 2014

With the summer months rolling into the Black Hills, many people are trying to decide what to do for a family vacation.  Instead of traveling elsewhere, why not enjoy a fun-filled staycation the Black Hills?  There are so many things to do in the Black Hills and our Black Hills mountain lodging resort, Palmer Gulch, is nestled at the foot of Harney Peak in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota.  Palmer Gulch not only has many different things to do in the Black Hills, but is surrounded by the beauty of the area which is filled with rich history and Wild West lore.  Need some ideas for a staycation in the Black Hills? Check out these top ideas.


The Black Hills is comprised of many lush and beautiful forests and areas perfect for hiking! The Black Hills National Forest and the surrounding State and National parks have over 450 miles of terrain along meadows and valleys, forests, and hills.  With so many different hiking options there is something for everyone, whether you enjoy walking, running, backpacking and different levels of difficulties. 


Who wouldn’t want to do a little exploring on their staycation in the Black Hills? Going caving is a great adventure for the whole family to unearth all the mysteries found beneath the ground.  The Black Hills are home to a number of caves, including Jewel Cave, the second longest cave in the world; Rushmore Cave, the closest cave to Mt. Rushmore; and Wind Cave, the world's fourth longest cave.  With so many cave options to explore, it’s hard to pick where to start first. 

Horseback Riding

Want to see things from a different perspective?  Why not try horseback riding?  Horseback riding is a fun activity to get you to and from places efficiently and you will get to see all that there is to offer from the surrounding scenery.  There are guides that can help you and your family make the most of your staycation and experience the Black Hills, just as they did in the Wild West!

Water Sports

A staycation in the Black Hills during the summer wouldn’t be complete without venturing out to one of the mountain lakes, surrounded by the rolling green mountains and hills of South Dakota.  In the different bodies of water feel free to relax on a boat, zip around on jet skis, explore the deep blue by scuba diving, or even get sporty with waterskiing!  Spending a day at the lake during your staycation in the Black Hills has endless options for things to do in the Black Hills.

These are just some of the many things to do in the Black Hills, especially during the warmer months of summer.  By taking time to have a staycation in the Black Hills not only will you save money but time spent getting to and from one destination.  By doing a staycation in the Black Hills you will be able to focus on what matters most: enjoying the time with your family. 

Our Black Hills mountain lodging resort is nestled at the foot of Harney Peak in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota. Our family resort caters to vacations built on family fun with outdoor activities and exciting amenities for travelers of all ages. Our Black Hills lodging options feature a 62-bedroom lodge, 6 resort cabins with first-class amenities, 30 mountain cabins ranging from rustic to deluxe, and a Mt. Rushmore KOA campground with hundreds of western South Dakota camping sites. Our KOA campground features a wide array of options for campers, from shaded tent sites and camping cabins to deluxe RV sites. Call us today at 800-562-8503 to make reservations!



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