Traveling with Pets in your RV

March 28, 2014

Traveling with pets is a very important aspect to many, especially those who are traveling with a camper or RV.  Your RV is your home, so why would you not want your furry friend tagging along for the adventure?  Across the country, more pet friendly RV camping continues to pop up, including at our campground, Mount Rushmore KOA.  Follow these tips when you are planning on traveling with pets to make your trip or journey the best one for you and your pets. 

Traveling with Pets Tip #1

For many who are traveling in an RV, they are traveling great distances.  It is important before you start traveling with your pet, to check that your pet is in good health.  A quick check-up at your vet is imperative before traveling with your pets.  Some pets will even get motion sickness from travel or become anxious while on the road.  If you know your pet suffers from any of these problems, have your vet give you medication that may eliminate any of these issues before you start your travels.

Traveling with Pets Tip #2

When traveling with pets you should accommodate for the time that will be spent stopping every few hours for your pet to go to the bathroom and also get a little exercise.  This is important because certain pets will need to stop, like dogs, while others like hamsters or even cats, may not need to go outside. Knowing where rest stops are will help your pet feel at ease when you stop, instead of opting for the busy and loud highway. 

Traveling with Pets Tip #3

Since your RV is your home, allow your pet to have free range of the RV while traveling with your pet.  Some pets will travel throughout the RV freely, while others may stay in one area, but either way this will ease any anxiety your pet may have about traveling.  You should also keep crates, food, toys, and other items in the same spot, as you would in a stationary home.  This creates a “home” feeling for your pets.

Traveling with Pets Tip #4

The last great pet friendly RV camping idea is to bring your pet’s favorite items along while traveling with your pets.  Pets, can often times be like children.  Just how children want to travel with their favorite blanket or toy, so do pets.  Planning ahead, so you do not forget anything, will help keep your pet calm and happy while traveling. 

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