Winterize Your RV

October 23, 2013

Winter is approaching, whether we like it or not! It is time to winterize your RV before the cold weather starts in order for it to survive the snowy and freezing months. Our Black Hills campground gives you some great tips on what you can do yourself to prepare and winterize your RV.

Plumbing. To prevent freezing lines, you will need to treat your RV with non-toxic anti-freeze. Also pick up a siphon tube or a pump that will help you distribute the fluid thoroughly through the lines.  Before you do this, disconnect the water line to the RV’s refrigerator and ice maker, to avoid getting anti-freeze in your drinking water. This anti-freeze isn’t the same as the toxic anti-freeze you would put in your vehicle’s radiator. Read your owner’s manual to determine the next steps in the process, as it differs between makes.

No Cover. It is a common mistake to cover an RV with a tarp to avoid snow. Moisture will still work its way in, and by covering the RV you will trap the moisture inside as it will not evaporate properly. If the moisture isn’t able to evaporate, it will eventually result in mold. Instead, place a chemical absorbent inside the RV in order to absorb moisture from the air. There are several different products on the market, and most of them come in a plastic container that you simply set inside the RV. 

Tires. Park your RV on leveled and preferably paved ground. Otherwise the tires could sink in during spring once the ground is getting softer. If you have to park on unleveled ground, place concrete blocks under the tires. Spray the bushings on the suspensions with some WD-40 in order to keep the rubber soft and prevent rotting.

Rodents. Mice love to curl up in a cozy camper during winter months. Cover any tiny holes bigger than your pinky finger in order for lock them out. Make sure to pay extra attention to the underside of your RV. If they can get their head in the hole, their body can get in too!

Insects. Insects such as bees, ants, spiders, etc. can cause a lot of trouble in an RV. Not only are they unsanitary, they can also cause restrictions in pipes and vents that could cause carbon monoxide to leak into the RV. Make sure your RV is free of infestation before closing it up for the winter. Place ant traps or sprinkle ant repellant throughout your RV to prevent them from infesting your vehicle.

Other Tips. Make sure your RV has been completely cleaned out of food articles and anything that could attract insects or rodents. Shampoo, soap, spices – they all need to go!

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