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How to Pack a Proper Winter Travel Kit

October 23, 2012

In a previous article, we mentioned the necessity of including a winter travel kit in your plans when road tripping in the snowy months between November and May. If you find yourself caught in a storm, whirling in a cyclone of ice and snow, don’t find yourself caught without emergency materials that might make the difference between a life and death situation.

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Winter Vacation Rentals with Palmer Gulch in the Black Hills

October 9, 2012

Let the masses flock to Vail, Big Sky, Red Lodge, Keystone, and Aspen for the upcoming snow-filled holidays. For every ski mountain in Colorado and Montana, there’s an unending crowd of ski-bunnies and snowboarders hitting the slopes all at once, congesting the hill side and slowing the lines. Where is the joy in waiting an hour for the gondola that will transport you to the top of the mountain? Where’s the rush in navigating down a slope-side obstacle course of densely packed patrons in snowsuits and goggles?

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