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Snake Safety: What to Do in a Rattlesnake Encounter

May 15, 2013

As soon as the warmer weather hits, we’re chomping at the bit to get out there and enjoy all of the sunshine and adventure that summertime in the Black Hills can bring. However, just as roses have thorns, so do the Black Hills carry their own personal brand of danger: the dreaded rattlesnake encounter.

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The George S. Mickelson Trail

April 18, 2013

Once upon a time, it sent daily train traffic—strings of cars from engine to caboose—sailing smoothly down the Burlington Northern line from Deadwood to Edgemont. Today, cyclists, hikers, and cross-country skiers in the Black Hills, both locals and tourists, can witness the spectacular scenery those late conductors must have relished as they flew up and down the ties, careening through the mountain terrain of thick forest pine.

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Mountain Biking in the Black Hills

March 21, 2013

Perhaps one of the most compelling features of western South Dakota is the territory’s ability to carve new attractions straight out of the rock…and we’re not talking about Mount Rushmore here!

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A Guide to Fun and Safe Black Hills Geocaching

February 18, 2013

Recently, the outdoor recreational activity of “geocaching” has risen in popularity amongst the outdoorsy types—nature lovers of all kinds—as a contemporary take on treasure hunting. What is geocaching? In simplest of terms, it’s the sport of searching the countryside for “caches.”

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Romantic Weekend Getaways for Wine Lovers

January 29, 2013

You don’t have to travel to Napa Valley in Northern California or the Italian countryside of Tuscany to experience the flavors, bodies, and aromas of on-location red and white wines.  Luckily, western South Dakota is home to several unique wineries, all located in close proximity in the heart of the Black Hills. If a romantic weekend getaway full of locally-grown grapes is just what your pallet calls for this Valentine’s Day, a trip to the Central Hills might be in order.

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